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An Introduction To Pressure Washers by Simon Harris

We all know that keeping our tools, homes, and vehicles clean not only beautifies them, improving their appearance, but also helps to keep them working properly as well. But what do you do when they get REALLY dirty – perhaps with months – or even years – of dirty, grimy build-up? In these situations, traditional cleaning methods just won’t cut it! That’s where pressure washers come in.

Pressure washers make use of water, and pump it at a very high level of pressure, which is sprayed on the surface that is dirty. The water literally ‘blasts’ the surface clean.

A typical pressure washer will come equipped with a water pump, a hose and a trigger gun with nozzle. Many of the most popular models are very easy to transport – making them ideal for use around the shop and around the home. Pressure washers developed for most non-professionals (people like you and me) pump water at normal temperatures and can be plugged into any electrical outlet. Professional models are also available that heat the water to a high temperature to allow for the easy cleaning of surfaces with a heavy build-up of grease, oil and road grime.

Safety Issues With Pressure Washers

Because they force the water out of the nozzle of the trigger gun at such a high pressure, you must never treat pressure washers as a ‘toy’ or ‘squirt gun.’ It is possible that you could injure yourself if you do not operate a pressure washer according to the manufacturer’s safety guidelines. If the water stream hits the skin, it can cause bruising and can even strip the skin from the bone! If the water hits the eyeballs, it could cause serious injury or even blindness. Objects on the surfaces being cleaned by a pressure washer can be knocked loose and come flying off at great speed, with possible injuries resulting. In addition, you can burn yourself if you are improperly using a professional model that heats the water.

Where and How to Use Pressure Washers

Around the home and shop: driveway cleanup, decks, roofing, undercarriage of automobiles and other vehicles, cleaning car engines, walkways, pools, concrete basement floors.

Industrial and commercial uses: concrete road surfaces, dirt and soot removal from old buildings, bus stops, train stations, shelters and other public places, removal of graffiti, cutting and etching of metals.

Types and Manufacturers of Pressure Washers

Most pressure washers are either of the electric or steam type. The electric pressure washer uses an electric pump to force the water out at high pressure. The steam type uses the power of steam sprayed out at high pressure to clean the dirty surface. It is also possible to purchase a refurbished pressure washer – these can save you lots of money, particularly for the industrial models.

Some of the most popular manufacturers of pressure washers are Karcher, Husky, Campbell Hausfeld, Craftsmen, Durabuilt and DeWalt.

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Power Pressure Washers – How To Optimise The Functional And Commercial Value of Pressure Washers By Joey Jones on May 30, 2010 0

When planning to buy Power Pressure Washers, know the frequency of use and the types of usage which will then indicate what type of machines you should purchase.

For instance, pressure cleaning with electric pressure washers yields satisfactory results for indoor and outdoor home cleaning.

Conversely, for running a small pressure washing business, you might need to consider an entirely new set of factors altogether. Most commercial cleaning contracts would require powerful pressure washers with 3,000 to 4,000PSI cleaning efficiency. Some Industrial contracts also include extensive grease removal which entails wide usage of detergents and degreasing agents. With such requirements, Hot Water pressure washers would provide the most formidable cleaning results when coupled with the right type of cleansing agent. This, however, also means that you need to set aside large storage space for the machines.

Alternatively too, if you are in the business of leasing and renting the machines to third parties for their cleaning jobs, it might be good to consider extended warranty for the machines or forecast a higher operating expense as replacement costs.

On the topic of cost savings, getting belt driven units instead of the conventional direct drive units could help extend the lifespan of your power pressure washers. Belt driven units direct away the motor vibration from the pump. The longer lifespan and lower maintenance cost far outweigh the upfront one time costs of the more expensive belt driven versions.

The key to optimizing the cost of your power pressure washers lies in knowing exactly what you need them to for. Your pressure washing business eventually and ultimately drives you purchasing decision. Of course certain models like the electric versions are cheaper than the gasoline powered ones, the latter are also proven to be more robust in handling more demanding cleaning tasks. There is also the issue of your business model, in consideration of whether you wish to adopt a rental business or a service business proposition.

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Campbell Hausfeld 1750 PSI (Electric-Cold Water) Pressure Washer w …

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Campbell Hausfeld 1750 PSI (Electric-Cold Water) Pressure Washer w …

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